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Rules and Etiquette

1. Take care of your training partners. Do not crank submissions. Always show respect to your instructors and training partners. Do not seek to harm fellow students physically. When applying a submission, for example, an arm lock, once you have the arm extended do not crank the arm at the end. Slowly adjust the hold and wait for the tap. You have already done 99% of the job. If your technique is right, there is no reason to crank a submission.


2. Clean Gi at all times.  Wash your Gi after each class.  If you train multiple times per day bring an extra Gi. 

Wear a rashguard or T-shirt under your Gi.  Although tradition and some tournaments shows to wear nothing (for guys), no one cares to get a mouthful of chest hair or sweat in the face when rolling.


3. NEVER walk on the mats in your street shoes or walk off the mat barefooted. The mat is where we roll, so it always has to stay clean. In the same way, when stepping off the mat, do not walk outside or to the bathroom with bare feet. Wear sandals or shoes.


4. Cleanliness & Hygiene.  We all have different practices outside of the academy, but prior to you coming to train please be sure to be showered and/or somewhat kept prior to getting on the mat.  Keep your finger and toe nails trimmed.  This is for your safety (prevents bent nails) and for your training partner (scratches).  

​No cologne or perfumes, smoke (cigars/cigarettes) or medicinal herbs (marijuana) scents.  Some people are sensitive to these smells.  We need to be respectful to the issues these smells can cause for others. 


5. If you are sick of any type, stay home until it's gone. If you are injured or somewhat hurt, this does not disqualify you from at least being mat side and learning. If you have small cuts or wounds, cover them properly. Clean up blood at all times (on the mats and bathroom).  If you have a  skin infection (staph, ringworm, etc), please don’t come to training until you’ve healed.

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